Studio Pottery London



Our focus is throwing – working with clay on the wheel. The studio also provides space for hand-building.

This traditional craft provides a counterbalance to the hyperactive, mechanised, and technologically saturated metropolis. The hands-on practice of throwing opens dormant creativity and encourages therapeutic transformation.

Engaging with clay, the practitioner slows down, assimilating technique and mastering knowledge through careful repetition. It is a holistic, gradual and joyous experience, connecting the potter to a living history of human making. Our lineage flows directly from Bernard Leach and the 20th Century revival of studio pottery – enshrined in our name.

At the heart of Studio Pottery London is the desire to form a community around a shared ethos and love of pottery in all its forms.



Pottery can be a wonderfully social activity, as well as a solitary path of meditative practice. Our studio respects both. We provide group taster introductions, 5 week foundation courses, and run a regular schedule of ongoing mixed ability classes that you can book according to your availability.

Our expert teachers not only lead our group sessions, they offer on-one-on tuition, which is an excellent way to learn and grow in confidence on the wheel. If you would like the flexibility of coming in your own time you can become a member, enjoying exclusive access to our members area, equipped with several wheels and workspaces.

Our studio is also available for private hire, and our team has a wealth of experience arranging workshops for private functions and one-off experiences.



Guest Passes £120 (maximum eight hours)

Firing service

We are able to offer our kilns for a firing service.

Top Loader £140 (Internal size of 190 litres)
Medium Front Loader £210 (Internal size of 326 litres)
Large Front Loader £245 (Internal size of 523 litres)